I'm being forced to login twice... every time, from every device


No matter what device or browser I use, I'm forced to enter login information a second time. I've cleared cookies, used different browsers, and I'm having the same experience on mobile or desktop.


Often, I see the "You must log in before you access this page" error after the first login attempt.


This happens if I'm just logging in to check my account or if I'm in a checkout process.


The second time I enter my details, I'm always logged in. I'm not entering anything differently -- email/password are correct. I'm not seeing any errors related to incorrect login details. I just have to do it twice. Every time.


Any ideas?

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I have been having the same problem ever since setting up Security Key two-factror auth on my account (via SMS) :


We're sorry. We need you to login again to verify additional security information.


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I've been having this issue for the last 4 months.


I use 3 different computers, with different ip addresses, and 3 different browsers.


I do NOT have 2 factor authentication.


Paypal support is stumped: they have no solution.

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I have been lurking on this thread for months.

Let me start off by apologizing for not joining the list here. I understand at times its a numbers game.

But as many of you, i knew it would not become a lasting issue. 

As a dedicated user of Paypal, I want to address a couple of things. 

Starting with Social Media (so you KNOW im not as partial as you may think)

Use Hashtags. No one can remove hashtags from posts on your own twitter or facebook accounts. It is effective 99% of the time when support fails with any company I am doing business with online.

Examples: #paypal #askpaypal #ebay #mastercard 

Get creative! Works on both twitter and Facebook, and honestly you really should make the post on both sites (again this gets posted into your own feed)

Facebook is not restrictive as twitter on the length of the post, but twitter is the more effective support tool

Im not saying dont also use @ askpaypal or @ paypal @ ebay DO! (yes, i know the ebay and paypal are now not the same company. but its going to be a LONG time in the world of rebranding that you and I can honest treat it as such)



Are you (i realize only a few) really going to demonize a company over a login link? I have a strong opinion about that, but i dont think i need to even let you know. You already know. (To the rest of you, im sorry for even commenting on it, but good grief)


My Issues have been going on since fall of 2014 on ALL devices (Mac, Windows, iOS and Android) with and without a firewall. Any and all browsers i use (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Maxthon and LastPass Browser) I have a basic business account with no bells and whistles.

I Do get very annoyed over it though. I ALWAYS have to log in more than once.

It has gotten to the point its different 33% of the time:

  • 1/3 of the time I have to log in twice and im in.
  • 1/3 of the time i get caught in a log in loop between 2 different looking login pages. I have to pull up a different page in my history when that happens. (i feel this is the worst of em all)
  • 1/3 of the time I have to log in a couple times (different looking log in pages, sometimes not) but this time I get the old version of the backend and have to click around before I am eventually taken to the new panel (I do like the new control panel so much)


Thats about it. I look forward to it working again.

You should never have level headed support concerns censored or removed (granted there is no public forum deserving of spoiled rudeness on any persons side of the issue) Take advantage of the hashtags to (with civility) jumpstart the new and PUBLIC way of catching the attention of the support team. Many BIG Corporations have made the appropriate change and have proactively become sterling examples of what Support is all about. 

Seriously though, in the end, nothing I say matters. But I would like to see what seems like a simple fix to many, get taken care of. Im thankful i continue to do business with them despite the amazing ability of a few people that would like to see them fail on many levels.



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"We're sorry. We need you to login again to verify additional security information"


I am seeing this message as well... when I first try to log in,


So I have to try log in second time... than it works.


What is going on?


I have tried Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge browsers.



I don't think I noticed this before?  I just noticed it today after updating my password.


I have sent email and waiting for reply.


For those who have received email reply from paypal, please do post it here and let us all know about it too.




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Login Failure:

I have to login twice with both Chrome and IE10 and IE11

I try and login in and I get the error, on both browsers, that Paypal can't log me in. I DO NOT GET ANOTHER SCREEN OR ANY PROGRESS. IT JUST FAILS.

IF and ONLY IF I clear my browsing history and all cookies (for both Chrome, IE10 and IE11); I progress to the screen that says I have to log in again and I get asked to either verify my credit card number or identification questions. I do not know how to turn off this security feature.

Essentially, it has become impossible to use Paypal because of this .

I have read extensively the help section and post from other users that this is an ongoing problem.

to complicate things even more, Sometimes clearing the cache doesn't work and I have to reset my password, then clear the cache and go through the login two step.

If I wanted to two step, I'd put on a cowboy had and move to Texas!

This is totally unacceptable considering the fees that Paypal charges sellers. Who wrote this code, the Healthcare.gov people? Tell what ever low cost country paypal farmed out your software development to - FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!


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This is happening to me as well. Every single time I log in, regardless of browser, I am prompted to log in twice. I've tried Mozilla, Chrome, Chrome Incognito, Safari and IE on my old windows computer.


The only spot that I am able to log in successfuly the first time is on the mobile app... Which does me no good!

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Does anybody from PayPal read these forums, or is this just their attempt to crowd source support to cut costs?


This problem really needs to get fixed. I'm sure they know about it by now and I can only assume they don't know how to fix it....scary.


I just called PayPal and they acted like they have never heard of this problem! She did say PayPal is not compatible with Chrome.

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I've given up, this has been happening to me for over a year now.


This isn't a browser issue.  It's their only answer as they have no clue what is going on here, or refuse to believe their customers.

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I don't remember when it started, but it has been probably at least a year for me as well. It's become 2nd nature for me now to just log in twice every time. If they fix it, I'll probably automatically click where the log in button normally is after my account page shows, and probably end up logging out by accident. Smiley Very Happy

I'm wondering if this happens to everybody, or just to certain people.

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I'll jump in on this too. It's been like this since last year and it's a pain in the butt.


I also get the old paypal profile when I finially get logged in so I always have to click to get to my account summary. Talk about a serious usability issue.

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