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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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We've got a problem with retrieving payments and paypal support doesn't help us unfortunately.


a.) We successfully created account (yes, there was a problem with adding bank account, and there was triggered some sort of block on our account - but this things was resolved by paypal support - we added bank account, verified it, added company informations)


b.) Then we made API connection (requests) via Rest APIs. Everything worked fine - it is redirected to paypal, to the right company account, our clients can pay, requests are with 200 status, money are taken from users card / account (in their account is this payment like pending). We are getting from Paypal API status for the order = approved , then everything is fine.


c.) But after 30 minutes, users get their money back - it is automatically cancelled and we don't know why. We are little desperate because every requests are going well , with right response etc. but after 30-60 minutes, our clients are getting their money back (cancelled by paypal).


Is there anyone who could help us? Told us why is this happening / what should we do? 



Who Me Too'd this topic