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Who Me Too'd this solution


Who Me Too'd this solution


USPS tracking website only showed me that package was left on front porch in my city--but no name or address!

But my local post office investigated this tracking # and discovered package of only 3oz sent to different address in my city.

My order actually weighed over 1 pound. The local post office investigator wants to share this info and gave me contact name and tel number and wants to share info with PayPal- but PalPal won't respond to my case/messages/dispute or look at clear evidence of criminal fraud. The fraud works because a buyer looking at   tracking report (without address) would be led  to believe that the package had to have been stolen since " it was left at front porch" . 

So my credit card canceled my payment to PayPal and gave me a new credit card number. PayPal policy empowers fraud by refusing to acknowledge that real  tracking #'s can still be shown to be fraudulent upon investigation by post office.

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Who Me Too'd this solution