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How can i get my money back?

 Hello everyone


PayPal limited my account before and after 6 month i got an e-mail from them. But every time i try to login i see that message from PayPal. I trried to contact with them but Paypal online chat customer refused to find solution. Every time they only offered to me change my password. It wasn't helpful. Chat customer was disrespectfull. I sent many e-mails to PayPal service but i didn't get any reply from them. I just wanna login to my PayPal. I tried to call them and i tried explain my problems to them. Even that, it wasn't helpful. How can i login to my PayPal and how can i  get my money from them! It's been 6 month i am a waiting for solution. I hope somebody see this and can help me because idk what to do anymore. It is so annoying.


Who Me Too'd this topic