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Worried about scam payment

Hello! I recently signed up for a 1w free trial on a site called SolutionInn to view a homework solution. I selected paypal as the payment method, got the solution, and went to cancel. However, cancelling seemed impossible due to no Cancel button, their FAQ for cancelling/deactivating account lead in a loop back to the support page, and they have no callable number, so I am afraid I may have been scammed. It said it would charge 9.99 monthly after 1 week. My preferred method right now is a VISA gift card that likely won't have enough $ to do the payment, but I have a bank account linked that I don't want it to take from. How can I get PayPal to refuse this payment?

I would also like to mention that, on review sites, this site has horrible reviews and is called a scam. Yes I should've done my research before doing this, but I was really dumb and tired at the time. Please help!

Who Me Too'd this topic