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Could I get some advice please? - Dispute / Fraud

Hey, my name is Aidan & I've been in constant disputes with a certain PayPal user over absolutely nothing & its starting to put a financial strain on my private life.


There's a user who I've won multiple disputes against trying to re-commit fraudulent claims over a fairly big payment.

Is there any way I'm able to contact anybody other than the specific person that can help with this situation? He just keeps on opening the same disputes over and over. (I'm not even sure why this is a feature...) I use PayPal daily for many reasons & having a big negative balance for absolutely no reason whatsoever really isn't healthy, especially with COVID-19 going around when money isn't easily gained in the place where I'm from - UK just a fairly scarcely populated part.

This user has repeatedly charged back payments weeks/months after purchasing things from me & a friend who ran an online product business to generate some income while work was put on hold etc.

We've repeatedly won the charged back payments but it still seems to be an ongoing problem.

This user is straight committing fraud & trying to rip everybody he comes in contact with off.

Please help.


Thankyou for taking your time to read this - Aidan.

Who Me Too'd this topic