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Useless customer service

HELP! My original account has been hacked. Password and email changed. I cannot access it. I attempted to call 3 customer service numbers all leading to “I’m sorry we cannot help you at this time, use you ACCOUNT TO LOGIN, goodbye”. I CANNOT LOGIN OR RESET IT! I created a NEW account simply to message them! Now their messages say “messages are currently unavailable”. Since it’s a new account I have no transactions to date so I cannot use the “resolution center” until I have one. The help center leads back to resources which I cannot find an answer to. I have found multiple ways to “reset” an account you’ve lost either an email or password to BUT NOT BOTH! I have messaged PayPal on Facebook. I’m almost at the point of seeking legal counsel to prevent this fraud from reoccurring!! Does anyone know how to contact this sorry excuse for a company!? My patience is GONE 😡
Who Me Too'd this topic