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How to deal with false chargeback claim?

I have supplied an Xbox game code through eBay and received payment by PayPal.  The buyer made an unauthorised transaction claim against the order through PayPal.  I responded against the claim and provided details of the order and confirmation of the code been activated after purchase.  PayPal have closed the dispute in favour of the buyer with no further correspondence to myself as a seller.  This leaves me at a loss to understand why this was ruled against me.  I do not even appear able to respond to PayPal's decision on the case.


I did message the buyer via eBay and they claimed that their account had been hacked and they had not made the purchase. 


I will be grateful if anybody could advise how to respond against what I see is a fraudulent purchase and claim.  Do I have seller protection against such events?  If someone has had their data breached that cannot be my fault.


Many thanks in advance

Who Me Too'd this topic