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What can I do if PayPal won’t refund the money to me that a merchant has refunded to PayPal?

I placed a dispute with PayPal, they said my dispute was denied. Then I contacted the merchant and the issued me a full refund, and told me it would be refunded to PayPal. They included all the information on the amount refunded and date and time of the transaction. After a couple weeks I contacted PayPal, with the information provided by the merchant. PayPal said they will look into it, and a few days later PayPal issued a refund for about 10% of the original charges. I called PayPal to explain they didn’t refund the correct amount. PayPal claimed they were given that amount from the merchant. I asked about the original payment from PayPal to the merchant and PayPal said that that money had been refunded on the date of the purchase. I again contacted the merchant and they said that they had refunded the full amount of the purchase, and due to complaints they had issued another refund. Both PayPal and the merchant agreed the merchant had refunded about 110% of the original charges, but PayPal hasn’t ever refunded the original charges only the 10%. Even though I continue to show the information that the merchant provided for the original amount being refunded, PayPal claims that the original charges were refunded at the same time the funds were paid to the merchant. PayPal can’t even understand how stupid that sounds when they later did a dispute and said the charges were valid, and they later refunded a small portion of the charges but are now saying the original charges were refunded at the same time they were charged. WHY would PayPal refund more money if no money was taken??? What happened to the funds for those original charges if PayPal refunded the money at the same time they took the money? PayPal doesn’t seem to have a department that can check into their own errors, they only have departments that see if the merchant has messed up. How can I get the money that PayPal says they refunded at the time of purchase and then got the merchant to refund a bit more? How can PayPal not seem to understand the inconsistencies in their own information???
Who Me Too'd this topic