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PayPal verification error

alright so I've finally gotten a new bank statement that I intend to use to finally finish verifying my account, only problem? well after putting in my address (as this is the one I had yet to be able to do) and select the document type (ofc Bank Statement) and uploading the PDF file (it's within the 5mb limit at 62kb) and clicking 'continue' it does it's little loading wheel thing as it does and then just nothing happens, I'll click continue again and I get an error saying "we're sorry, something seems to have gone wrong. we're experiencing techincial difficulties. please try again later." and every time I try to verify I get into the same issue, nothing happens then the same error message, anyone know why this is happening? I'm trying to contact them throught the little help messages system and so far the only 'help' I got was someone pretty much copy+pasting a passage about WHY they need to verify my information rather than trying to actually help and figure out why it wont let me do it in the first place.


Thanks to anyone who can help. also hope I'm posting this to the right board.

Who Me Too'd this topic