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PayPal is organized crime

PayPal has not a single person that you can speak directly with concerning matters. They don't respond to emails or messages and rarely respond to FB messages. Yet they impose ridiculous fees and can limit your account activity. PayPal is holding my funds hostage and I am at their mercy. So they think. I just filed a complaint with the Federal Government at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Also with the BBB and my states Attorney General Office. I will be starting a class action lawsuits against them as well. PayPal is the modern day mafia. They force you to pay "protection" money, hold your funds against your will and answer to noone. eBay is just as bad. They allow this to happen. Sellers DO NOT PayPal to broker any financial deals. Your banking institution can do the same thing. There has to be some kind of law that PayPal is breaking by not giving me access to MY money, charging exuberant fees without my consent and ignoring all modes of contact to its members. Next step is to make this national news and to contact lawyers.
Who Me Too'd this topic