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I've been scammed! Need help

So here's the story -sorry if it's overly detailed- I picked out a New Nintendo 2DS($99.99 usd) from a link in Google's Ads section. The link sent me to this site,, where I completed the order through Paypal on Sep. 22. My suspicions that this is a scam were realized early when I clicked on the "Orders" menu on the site, and it redirected me to, which is completely broken and inaccessible. I looked up cheapfungame on Google, and was given results that reported this site as a scam. At this point I was obviously looking to get my money back, but I decided I would wait until the expected delivery date the site given me had passed(8-12 days). On Oct. 3 I reported an "Item not received" claim to Paypal. Shortly after that, Paypal sent me a tracking number for a package-from the seller-that had started its journey on Sep. 28, and arrived at my mailbox on Oct. 13. The package in question was not the New Nintendo 2DS I ordered, it was a cheap piece of plastic labeled as a phone case. I assume my next order of action should be to report a "Item significantly not as described" claim with Paypal, however here's where my problem lies; the previous "Item not received" claim I reported still has not been resolved, and the estimated resolution date continually moves further back( e.g. from Oct 18 to Oct 21), and I cannot seem to find any way to report a second claim? Do I have to wait until the initial claim has been resolved before I can report a new one? Is there any way for me to speed up the resolution time? Are there any other steps I need to take in order to get my money back? I've tried to contact Paypal directly about this problem, but I have been unsuccessful so far.

  I don't know how much you can help me, whoever receives this, but I appreciate your efforts greatly!

Who Me Too'd this topic