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All of my payments are pending / under review

Hello there,

I am trying to send payments (paying freelancers) but PayPal is not letting me send anything 

all of my payments go on pending as soon as I press continue and I'm assuming they're under manual review for "SECURITY" reasons.

I never had any issues with my account and everything has been working just fine I can also make normal payments (paying with card not sending money directly) just fine. Any idea how I can get this fixed?


EDIT: Forgot to mention, some of those payments actually get cancelled after 1-2 days of REVIEW I do not know what kind of Review is being done here but I promise I'm not funding terrorists just let my payments go through so I can pay in money instead of paying with gift cards goddammit


Tried the message centre and I can't find customer support numbers.


Thank you

Who Me Too'd this topic