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Warning for Sellers, especially Freelancers

Better use another online payment service to get paid for your stuff/services. 

One of my buyers got buyer's remorse, chargebacked me 11 days after he paid me AND after I gave the item to him. He's been telling that it was an Unauthorized Transaction (and later, he said he didn't receive the item). When I got an email from Paypal I moved heaven and earth trying to contact him because that's what Paypal suggested for the 2 parties when they have a dispute--to try to settle things amicably and use the Case Resolution Center as a last resort. 

Informed Paypal that the buyer is ignoring me, then I gave the necessary information and communication logs that I have given the item to said buyer AND I TOLD THEM IF THEY NEED MORE PROOF I'M MORE THAN OBLIGED TO GIVE MORE. They just ignored all of these 3, closed my case and went ahead with the chargeback (the chargeback would've been fine if I can get my item back--I couldn't). Also pouring salt into my wound they refunded the Paypal fee which was $10.36 when I was chargebacked $236. Thanks A LOT!


I begged and begged for a case appeal. One of their CSRs said at first that intangible/virtual goods aren't covered. I redirected her to certain parts of Paypal's website and she corrected herself. Then another said it's not covered. Then I told him what I told the 1st CSR. Came to a point my case was reviewed by this person (If you're a freelancer, god help you. This is what he said. word-for-word, to me:)


"Moving forward I would advise you find a different platform for accepting payments for digital goods, as you experienced with our policies PayPal's hands can often be tied in situations such as these."


Take note this is what one of their own people said--stay away from using Paypal's services if you're a seller, especially one who's selling digital/intangible/virtual goods.

BOTTOM LINE: Risky to use Paypal for digital goods. "Find a different platform for accepting digital good payments".

Who Me Too'd this topic