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Permanent ban

Hello everyone,


Last night my paypal account permanently restricted. I suspect the reason is I sent a payment to one of my friends to buy some digital currency in a game. Although I have been buying from him for nearly 6 months, I got permanently restricted following my last transaction. I asked him about this and then he told me he had a "chargeback" dispute going on for some time and then he lost the case in last few days. Therefore although he was the one who opened case to get his money back, he lost it. I suspect paypal has condemned me to be taking part in this so called "fraudulent activity" then gave me a perma ban.


For mmorpg players like me, this case probably is not that new 🙂


I hope some of you could help me, which path I should follow ?


p.s : Till now no one has opened a case against me. My history is pretty  clean. Also, I have tried giving them a call but due to COVID-19 they do not support phone customer service. I also sent messages to them but they kept answering me with their copy paste replies..



Who Me Too'd this topic