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Customer return item lost in transit. Paid by paypal credit.


I wonder if you can point me into right direction.

I purchased an item on ebay. When I received it, I felt that it was not as described and after contacting the seller I sent it back to them.

Seller return policy was to send it back using courier of my choice and on my cost.

I have sent it via UPS, but the parcel was delivered to the wrong place. UPS admitted their fault and cant get the item back.

So I am left without the item, 250 pounds paypal credit to pay. I may be able to claim max 50 pounds compensation from UPS if lucky. 

Is the fact that I have paid by paypal credit gives me any additional protection against cases like this? Can I use claim for section 75?

I can open case with paypal only when:

 - I didn't receive an item I purchased

- I received an item that's not as described (significantly not as described)

 - I want to report unauthorised activity

Don't think that case fell into categories above.

Can you help? Any ideas?

Thank you.







Who Me Too'd this topic