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Re: Can’t see refund from Seller



By what you describe of the dispute status, you have not been refunded yet, as well as not seeing a record of a refund in your PayPal account activity. Seems like the seller notified you to 'say' they refunded or will refund but didn't take action in the dispute to do so to resolve the claim as per:

How do I issue a refund for a PayPal dispute?

How do I issue a refund to resolve a PayPal dispute?


Seller has to 'reply' and take action to refund you in the dispute or going into the original transaction and issue a refund.


"I don't mind if the actual refund back into the bank I paid with takes a few days as this is understandable. It's more so the confirmation of refund which I need."


I was just referencing how long refunds will take in general if one was issued.


If the case has not been refunded be mindful of the 20 days from date of opening dispute to escalate to a claim if seller is not taking action to refund or the case will automatically close.


What is the difference between a dispute and a claim?

How do I escalate a dispute to a claim?

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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