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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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I backed a crowdfunded project that was making a video game.

The game developer uses a Russian company called Xsolla as their payment processor who has a 180 day refund policy.

I paid over $200 for in game content back in December 2019, within 180 days.

The game company only produced a website after milking their customers out of almost 8 million dollars in 4 years.

There was NEVER any game made or produced.

The company closed down on March 23, 2020 and is not producing the game anymore.

They put the item I bought into a website they made showing my inventory, but I was never able to use it in game as there never was a game produced.

I tried to apply for a refund with Xsolla, the "seller", and it was declined saying my product was delivered, in an non-existent game.

Then I opened a claim with PayPal, after having an account with them for over FIFTEEN YEARS.


PayPal's overseas claims people who barely speak English decided to deny my claim, because the Russian payment processor provided proof of delivery. Proof of delivery into a non existent game. The item exists in a website, but there was never a game made.


The company and Xsolla have scammed their customers out of 8 million dollars, and the Washington State Attorney General has received hundreds of complaints about this company.


Yet, PayPal decides to believe the lies that Xsolla, the payment processor is making, because they have absolutely no clue what I am or others are saying. They are a ruthless company that is about money and keeping it for themselves.


Therefore, I will close my 15 year account because I can no longer trust PayPal to understand common sense, or English.


This is a scam of the biggest proportion and I cannot believe PayPal is ok perpetrating this horrible abuse of payments and money.


This message will probably get removed, but beware of buying anything via PayPal as they will not have your back nor support you if there is ever a problem.


-A disgusted former member

Who Me Too'd this topic