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Dont Order from Seicane (China car audio company)

I ordered an android head unit on March 31st, 2020... paid almost $60 for "3-5 day express shipping" after a few days got in contact with them and was told that there was slow downs due to COVID and that it would be going out the next day... a few days later on Apr 8th they finally generated a shipping label and provided me with a tracking number... ive been in contact with them (seicane) almost daily trying to urge them to get my package turned over to DHL and all i get is the same scripted b.s. replies claiming that they have shipped it but have verified twice thru DHL that they have infact NOT received it... i have not been able to get a hold of paypal due to slow downs cause by COVID and low staffing, but i fear that i will get the run around from them and ultimately get my disputed rejected based on the fact that since this all started i have seen several reviews of this company and paypal and they have stated that Seicane has been successful in tricking paypal into believing that they sent it when they didnt and no refund was issued... im losing hope, but dont want to lose $300 on a sham scamming company... any advice on what i can do to get my money back would be greatly appreciated.


thanks in afvance.

Who Me Too'd this topic