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“Please enter a valid date” when linking debit cards

When I try linking a debit card, I cannot continue with the process because when I get to the field that asks for my card expiration date, I am told to “use a valid date” before I even finish filling out the field. Of course, my card’s date is in the “mm/yy” format...for instance (*not* my actual exp. date, just an example): 05/21, but PayPal tells me this is invalid...even though PayPal specifically says to use a “mm/yy” format. Looking this up has produced results of people using weird full (mm/dd/yyyy) card dates based on European formatting or something, and this sounds like a nightmare to me because, again, my card date is only given as a month and year. Help with this frustrating issue would be great, so I can actually get my earnings. Thank you!
Who Me Too'd this topic