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Fraud: Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.

I placed two separate orders from two completely different websites for different products.  After payment using my Paypal account I discovered that payment for both orders was made to Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd.    


Both orders were shipped and when received I discovered that the items received were not as advertised.  When I contacted the company I received an email with very poor grammar.  Rather than offer to ship a replacement product they offered to give me a discount on what I paid but asked for banking information.  When I insist that they correct their mistake they claim that it is my responsibility to pay for return shipping.


I have filed a complaint for resolution with Paypal and am waiting for a response.  Looking online it appears as though this is common practice for Dongguan Shunfa Logistics Co., Ltd. and basically a scam to both steal your money by shipping inferior products which are not what was ordered but then to also collect bank information.

Who Me Too'd this topic