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Problems with PP charging customer full price instead of discounted price

I had a customer file a dispute because he says his credit card was charged $74.27 instead of $9.99.  I check the paypal transaction on the dispute and we show we were credited 9.99.  The invoice on our website shows the customer ordered an item for $64.99, paid $5.00 in shipping, and applied a discount code for $60.00.  Our paypal transaction matches, including the discount.  If I attempt to refund the customer in the dispute, it only allows $9.99.


I contacted my customer directly and he sent the screenshot from his credit card showing:


$74.27 VISA Credit Card x-xxxx

You'll see "PAYPAL *My Company's Name" on your card statement.


I provided all the information in the dispute and also contacted Merchant Technical Services to be certain that our API is communicating correctly with PayPal.  MTS came back stating that all was normal and our token showed the correct amount was charged. MTS further told me "This should be an issue with the customer/buyer internal funding source issue. Please let us know for further assistance."  Which doesn't make sense to me at all, as PP is the one telling the customer's credit card the total amount needed to complete the purchase.  Further emails with MTS only confirmed we were credited $9.99 and transaction was normal.


I can't get anyone at PP to acknowledge that, much less figure out, WHY my customer's credit card was charged the full amount.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Who Me Too'd this topic