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Buyer protection is just a joke!

I purchased items that were faulty and not as described. I returned the items three months ago. Paypal denied the claim. The reason was that I didn't send proof of shipping. This is not true, I sent them the receipt of the shipment and the tracking code. 


I also sent them an atachement of an email where the courier told me that the seller did not pick up the item from post office. Paypal first ignored this attachment and closed the case. I sent the attachement again and they reopened the case for few days and then closed it again. The excuse this time was that I didn't provide the information they asked. 

Like seriously? I provided all the information like three months ago. 


I thought Paypal was safe to use because of the buyer protection. However, the "buyer protection" is just a joke, they keep ignoring the attachements I send, and they have not gave me a clear and good answer when I asked what should I have done differently to get my refund.


There is no point to use paypal since the buyer protection is clearly not working. I have read a lot of similar posts in this forum and I am amazed how can this happen to so many people. Paypal should really do something about their "buyer protection" and customer service.




Who Me Too'd this topic