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Can't add bank account.

I had an email from PayPal saying my back has declined some of my transactions from my bank account, so I added my debit card and top up the balance. I have recently had a new card but the account number etc is the same only the security number is different. So I took the bank account off and tried to put it back on, it just says cannot do that please try later. So I put my debit card on to transfer some money to PayPal, now its saying I need to add a bank account! Well it won't let me!!! Im really at a loss as to what to do? I've phoned PayPal several times and asked why my bank is declining my transactions and they say ask my bank. So I've been to my bank and they can't tell me why either! Has anyone got any idea what to do next apart from leave PayPal altogether. Thanks.
Who Me Too'd this topic