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Dispute/Cancel payment Not Allowed

I bought tickets for Six Flags over Texas. My PayPal shows is awaiting Authorization but Six flags does not see ANYTHING in their system so they can not Cancel or Capture the payment. PayPal can see and refuses to cancel payment so I can have my funds available to purchase tickets again. I have been planning this trip for 3 months. I had to save and save to be able to do this for my sons 9th birthday. I have paid a hotel weeks ago that is non refundable. My sons birthday will be ruined if this is not resolved and I'll be out alot of money. I am single mom, I work full-time and attend school full-time as a business student. I cannot believe I worked at something so long for it to just be ruined by this. Its $82, PayPal can see it's not been captured, they can't cancel payment, they cost dispute the payment, all I was told is it could be 30-90 days for the money to be put back on my account if six flags ends up not capturing it within 30 days. Please, someone help me. I have 3 days to find a solution.
Who Me Too'd this topic