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Received email from PayPal stating they sent me $5 but never received!

Hello I got an email saying PayPal sent me $5.00 USD as a token of their appreciation for my business. It also said I only have until July 31, 2019 to use the $5.00 but when I go to my PayPal account I never received the $5.00 from PayPal. Is there anyway I can get the $5.00 before July 31, 2019 so I’m able to use it?? I can also send the screenshot of the email and my PayPal account, my PayPal account still only had $0.04 in it. P.S. The email is legit. If I could get in contact with a employee at PayPal they could verify that the email was in fact from PayPal.
Who Me Too'd this topic