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Unable to pay with paypal on ebay

I have used Paypal and Ebay together since 2005.

Suddenly on 4 days ago - I went to my Ebay basket to buy the items in it.

Clicked on go to checkout (that worked fine)

Clicked on ''how to pay'' - and chose Paypal as my payment option.

My login box appeared. I typed in my email then my password....

I watched 2 blue circles for 5 secs before the page reset back to the choose payment option (with the previously checked box now clear)


I went through the above steps x4 before I got annoyed and left it.

I have tried every day since but the same thing is happening!

I have now changed my paypal password - that made no difference,

and (like everybody else finds) Paypal's ''help/contact'' options don't offer any solutions, and am totally unable to send any kind of message to paypal for help!! (It's like going round in circles)

Please - does anyone have any idea what's going on, and how to fix the problem??



Who Me Too'd this topic