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Re: PayPal working Capital Code DLGJ0656

I'm not the original poster, but I wanted to chime in. From all of the research I have done it seems that if you have had any kind of an error on your account, even if it gets corrected sometimes you can get denied for a bit. By error I mean maybe you accidentally went into the negative one month or any kind of issue with credit card processing, any small little thing that seemed insignificant seems to set off something in the system. The odd thing is I have pretty consistent sales however I had a few very low months myself and I've been approved every time for pretty high amounts. I've had a few months were I only made like $500. And then most of my months I make between 2 and 3000. But I still got approved. Everyone who writes about an issue eventually finds out that they had some problem with a transaction maybe even months ago and it takes time to get out of the system. That's just my guess based on reading probably hundreds of threads. Keep trying. It eventually will approve you. You might even notice that you get a different error code. But eventually it just approves you

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Who Me Too'd this solution