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Web-hooks for Subscription recurring FAILED payments not working on LIVE

Hello there!

TLDR; We are not getting webhooks for failed subscription payments and subscription suspending for LIVE env.

I have integrated REST API with webhooks for '/v1/billing/subscriptions' endpoints and I'm testing them one live environment. For now, I'm catching all webhooks and some of them work. We can successfully receive the following webhooks:



 Problem is with unsuccessful payments, we are waiting for these webhooks, but are receiving none:



How I am testing this scenario:
1 ) A client pays for a subscription
2 ) We create billing plans, products, agreements, and all that good stuff.
3 ) The first payment is successful and subscription is started
4 ) Client removes payment card from his account
5 ) Recurring payment fails (client has no card)
6 ) PayPal tries to charge the client multiple times
7 ) PayPal suspends clients subscription
8 ) We receive all webhooks for plan creation and successful payment, but we don't receive any webhooks for failed payments and suspended subscription.

Additional details:
1) I created PayPal Support ticked, no response so far
2) I have enabled webhooks for Live and Sandbox environments
3) We are testing with real users and real money
4) We have tested multiple cases, different codes, and endpoints, so far no luck
5) We use Laravel and PayPal REST API

Are we using webhooks wrong? Is this a known bug? How can we resolve this?

I hope we can resolve this and if I can help with additional information, feel free to ask.

Who Me Too'd this topic