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Account in the negative and paypal refuses to review evidence that would reverse their ruling.

As the title says, the situation is that, as a service provider I've been told numerous times that my work doesn't constitute as an item, but a service and due to this, anytime a client back charges me (even for work that has been done for months now) Paypal automatically sides with the person.

The way this seems to work is that, all they have to do is claim the charges were made unawares to them (it was unauthorized) and even after attempting to speak with several people about this, none will acknowledge the evidence I have which contradicts their ruling.

Is there anything I can do about this? Short of completely not using Paypal anymore? (which im seriously considering doing).

Anyone in their right mind can see the guy is shady and lying after viewing the months of chat logs we have together, the messages confirming that he himself did indeed send money on that date, and blatant lies he's been telling in order to game their system.

Do I need to take legal matters into my own hands or is that even possible? To date I've lost almost 800$ between two paypal accounts and I know other people who have lost upwards of 8,000$.

Simply dropping the fault in the hands of the provider , throwing their hands up into the air and going "well you should have used X feature, that's what it's there for" is a terrible policy.

Who Me Too'd this topic