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PayPal Credit holding my money hostage!


I have an issue with PayPal Credit that is dragging into ridiculous territory.


I made a large payment to PayPal Credit on May 3rd, which has posted and has been deducted from my PayPal funds, but is not yet available in my PayPal Credit balance.


I received two refunds from an online retailer yesterday for PayPal Credit purchases and while they show as complete, again, they are still having no impact on my PayPal Credit balance.


I made another payment to PayPal Credit yesterday of around $300 to see if it would be applied to my balance.  Payment was deducted from my available PayPal balance, but - you guessed it - it hasn't impacted my available credit either!

What gives PayPal?  Just how long can you hold payments and credits in limbo?  We're talking 5 days now for the original payment.  

Trying to buy an item that is in limited supply right now, and due to lack of payment, the retailer is going to skip me and go to the next person in line.  I would have paid from my PayPal balance if the funds were still there, but I paid PayPal Credit.  The credit line left is insufficient to pay for the item.  The balance in my PayPal account, thanks to the payments and refunds you're sitting on is insufficient to pay for the item.  This is ridiculous!

I called PayPal Credit yesterday, and when they called me back an hour later, they said it could take 8 days for payments to post.  Fantastic.  What about refunds?  Do those take 8 days now as well?

I've NEVER had a payment take more than a day to process before, and refunds normally show up the very next morning.

Take a look at this screen shot of my account.  Balance: $3,805.  Credit line: $11,509.  AVAILABLE CREDIT: $2,265???

The thing is the balance ISN'T $3,805.  I had $3,592 in refunds issued yesterday, so the balance is actually $213, which should make my available credit $11,296.


Can anyone from PayPal Credit explain exactly what's going on here?  Why so slow all of the sudden?

Take Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 7.57.15 AM.png

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