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Missing IPN parameters item_number, item_name, and custom

Every thing worked alright until the 3 may 2019.

My software heavily depend on the information given in the parameters item_number, item_name, and custom.

I can see, that item_number and item_name is coming up in the first paying window in PayPal, so PayPal is receiving these parameters.

An other thing is, that I can see in the IPN call to my listener, that the value of the custom variable has moved to transaction_subject, so I have redirected my listener to this one and got back some of the missing functionality in my software.

When I point my software to another account every thing is OK!

This is very stressful and problematic of cause and not acceptable.

I have made a ticket at the technical support, but when will I gen an solution?

Hope I can get some help here on what to do.


Here is PayPals IPN call to my ipn listener:

array (
'mc_gross' => '1.00',
'protection_eligibility' => 'Eligible',
'payer_id' => 'LC6EHLZSRWPDJ',
'payment_date' => '01:21:46 May 02, 2019 PDT',
'payment_status' => 'Completed',
'charset' => 'UTF-8',
'first_name' => 'Henrik',
'mc_fee' => '1.00',
'notify_version' => '3.9',
'custom' => '',
'payer_status' => 'verified',
'business' => 'removed by me',
'quantity' => '1',
'verify_sign' => 'AykEJ3YP05C2q02y925UCS9jsVvuA2LF1Moy9GN5pbSP1wqllNqHppFx',
'payer_email' => 'removed by me',
'txn_id' => '5HY87812NX0699842',
'payment_type' => 'instant',
'payer_business_name' => 'Henriks Business',
'last_name' => 'Boetius',
'receiver_email' => 'removed by me',
'payment_fee' => '',
'shipping_discount' => '0.00',
'receiver_id' => 'YSNMGEPTF68FN',
'insurance_amount' => '0.00',
'txn_type' => 'web_accept',
'item_name' => '',
'discount' => '0.00',
'mc_currency' => 'DKK',
'item_number' => '',
'residence_country' => 'DK',
'shipping_method' => 'Default',
'transaction_subject' => 'email=removedbyme&list_id=rec2019&order_id=0e115d[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]',
'payment_gross' => '',
'ipn_track_id' => '81236e422244f',


Who Me Too'd this topic