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PayPal’s New Refund Policy Sticks It To Sellers With Fees - Is this true?

I read an article which appears to be fake - that Paypal is now keeping all of the fees from sellers when a buyer decides to return an item.  As an Ebay seller, this new policy will absolutely kill sellers in fees.  Ebay gladly XXXXXXX's their sellers by making them accept any return even if the customer lies or ships back a brick, so making money is already practically impossible. 

The article implies that some "genius" at Paypal has made a change (effective may 6th 2019) that will cost the sellers all the original fees (only fixed fees were kept previously)  and discourage sellers from using Paypal.  Of course such a change would only be created by an idiot looking to destroy Paypal, which is not something the management would accept or allow.   They would only do this if they were smoking craXX; I doubt it is true. 

Please tell me this is not so.  Please tell me no such policy is being implemented that would require me to close my account.  If it were true, I would have to be higher than a kite to keep my account open.

Who Me Too'd this topic