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Re: Yedao Technology Co., Ltd. scam!! Fraud!! Fraud!!

Hi everyone,


I have an awesome update! First, I want to thank everyone for keeping us posted on your experiences and the problems you've been encountering regarding pursuing your refunds. I advised back in January that we heard your complaints and were looking into it, and I promise you all these comments were read and acknowledged.


Recently, Yedao's parent company released a statement that they are unconditionally refunding transactions that are related to undelivered items or incorrect items. I believe the page may be regional, so you can find their Facebook page here. Please check out that post for more information on how to report this and receive your refund if you haven't already. If the link doesn't work, you can always reach out to us directly through phone, Facebook, or Twitter to discuss the case directly with this new information. Thank you again for being diligent! 🙂


- Ashley M

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