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20 $ Transfer in pending statut since 27 days ?

Hello ,
I need help please about a transaction that i did 27 days ago and its still in the pending statut and i dont know why even i contacted the person i sent the money to , he told me it s pending in his side too and there is no button or something to accept the payment i really need help to resolve this issue it s already a month and whenever i contact paypal support they send me an automated message about transactions possible statut, i dont need those kind of anser because am done waiting and i need an actual response about when my money is gonna be sent to my recepient or in another case how can i refund it into my balance again if it s not able to be sent .

NB :
- My trasaction ID : 1TV90533ND056690Y
- I payed this transaction directly via my paypal balance i didn't used a card or bank account
- Date of transaction 03/01/2019

- Statut of transaction : pending

- a screenshot :

Who Me Too'd this topic