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Fix Your Withdrawal System PayPal UK

As disgustingly despicable as it is, holding withdrawals for 72 hours over and over again, despite advertising instant withdrawals and your withdrawal screen estimating 2 hours, it is now unbelievably incomprehensible that your withdrawal pool, full of millions of pending transactions, is presently stuck and no one's held withdrawals are being put through as completed.


I have asked my friends over at ***** forum and over 120 people have confirmed that their held withdrawal has exceeded the 72 hour mark and has not been completed to date, over 94 hours later.  They have also contacted your support line and it has been confirmed by them that there is an existing issue since last Thursday.


You boast state-of-the-art fraud systems and come across as a fluid payment processing provider, yet since last Thursday your so-called technical team are still struggling to find a solution to the problem and people, some of which rely on their funds for living expenses, are having to wait even longer than the normal immoral wait for their cash. It is a right, not a privilege, to be credited the funds that they have lawfully earned through selling or receiving payments. Who the hell are you to decide who gets their money and when? You have a responsibility, both morally and as a business, to deliver on what you advertise.


I understand that PayPal need to occasionally, and I say occasionally very loosely, hold a withdrawal when there is a hint of fraudulent activity or money laundering, but new PayPal customers, by personal experience and online research, are always going to face at-least 4-8 of their first withdrawals on a hold of some sort, between 24 and 72 hours, so you should be advertising that instant withdrawals are a feature reserved for established accounts and on your withdrawal screen, clearly state, before a customer presses submit, that their withdrawal will be held, as pre-determined by the system. You are starting to **** a lot of people, first with the Tommy Robinson case and now this.


Sort out your system for the millions of people waiting for their money at the moment, change it to only hold withdrawals when you need to, for security and not to be a pain in the backside by, for no reason at all other than being a new customer, holding 4-8 times before you show any sign of instant processing and make an apology to the families you may have deprived of living expenses over 94 hours after they asked for their money.


You are a disgrace PayPal and I can only hope that a competitor with the same features come along and we can abandon ship. It seems BBC Watchdog all those years ago about your controversial withdrawal process did not make a difference. Shame on you all who work there.


Who Me Too'd this topic