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Process payments for third party - which api? Adaptive payments / marketplace / other


I need some help working out the best payment api to use.


The project i am working on is an event organizing web app - it lets businesses sign up and create events, add invitees, and then sends invitation emails.

The invitees can follow a link from the email to respond, and provide various pieces or information (Menu choices, people attending etc etc, as set by the business that created the event).


I am now looking to add paid events, so the invitee would need to make a payment to confirm their attendance.

We are not looking to take a percentage or anything similar, just allow our clients to add their paypal email (or some other mechanism) when creating events, and have all payments from invitees go to that paypal account.


Googling has led me to the (now discontinued?) adaptive payments api, and the as yet unreleased marketplace api, but these all seem to focus on the ability to take a cut from the transaction, which we dont need.


Is this possible via the express payments api? If so, could someone point me to the relevant documentation. If not, is their another api thats suitable?

Thanks in advance


Who Me Too'd this topic