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Re: Missing money

@Guineapigherd wrote:

Hi I have a two part problem. Problem 1-on sept. 7 and sept.12 my husband sent 3.600.00 to my checking account.due to another issue with my bank the -they denied the deposit.I have recently opened my own paypal acc.and the email account used to forward that deposit is now different . Since the bank denied the payment Where is the money nöw!! The money is not showing any where !!! How do I retrieve that money-It's been over a month and the bills are piling up. I have contacted PayPal by phone several times and I can barely understand the operaters.They tried to help me and I tried to understand and follow directions but no progress. Problem no.two.In the mean time those two sept.payouts got repeated and charged my husbands checking acc. Draining his bank acc. To zero! He keeps getting dinged by the bank and PayPal when he tries to use his bank card and he is furious!!!! His PayPal acc.and checking acc. 0 balance. We have no capital -everything is locked up. I cancelledrr both of the duplicate transactions and they are showing cancelled on his PayPal summary. He needs to get reimbursed for those accidental charges so he has access to his money.I discussed both problems with different representatives but nothing is getting solved HELP please! Thanks


Unfortunately, no customer service agents work in the forums (nor could they discuss your account issues in detail here). Just other PayPal users who have no access to your account to go in and fix anything anyway.


PayPal has all email addresses ever added to your account on file (they track these things). PayPal customer service needs to trace the money and put it back into your account. You have to keep calling until you get a rep that can help, preferably during early morning or during normal US business hours west coast time to try and get a US agent.


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