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Hotrait - Should I return incorrect item delivered or should I keep it?

Hi Everyone,


On Sunday 1/07/2018 night I follow an link from Facebook to Hotrait web site and I ordered 2 items 9.88” 4K Full Touch Screen Streaming Media Dual Lens Mirror Dash Cam with the promotion buy 2 SAVE $50 (I paid with PayPal $US129.96 = $AU183.56) as shown in Figure 1 below and got a confirm Email as shown in Figure 2.


On Monday 16/07/2018 I received an incorrect items 2 x Rear-view Mirror Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder as shown in Figure 3 below.


On Tuesday 17/07/2018 I email to <removed> and request for replacement for the items that I have ordered, but I got no respond from them.


On Monday 23/07/2018 I sent a message via Paypal web site to request for a replacement and got a respond from Hotrait to return items to Hong Kong (<removed>) as shown in Figure 4, 

"Dear Customer, We’re sincerely sorry that our product can’t make you satisfied, you can return it to us if you want to. But please pay attention: 1.Please make sure the item and packing is intact. If it can’t meet our requests, we may not refund. 2. And, we only accept DHL or UPS as deliver method. Our return address:<removed>


So I escalated to Paypal to resolve this issue and Paypal requested that I return the items to China address <removed>, Shenzhen, GUANGDONG Province 518000 China" as shown in Figure 5.

"After careful review, we have determined that you are eligible for a refund. To qualify for this refund, please ship the items whose claims were granted back to the seller in their original condition and keep your tracking information. You are responsible for shipping and handling costs.

Please mail to:<removed>


The cost of return these two items to China is approx $AU40.


I keep thinking, if a Hotrait company (Zhaowei ShaSan Shopping Mall,  ShaJing Street, Baoan District, ShenZhen GuangDong) could not sent a correct item that I have ordered and not responding to my email for a week, should I trust this company?


Should I spend another $AU40 to return these items and will I get my $AU183.56 refund?


What if I return the items and did not get my refund I will lost a total of $AU223.6 with nothing in my hand?


Is Hotrait a Scam web site?


[Figure 1] Ordered 9.88” 4K Full Touch Screen Streaming Media Dual Lens Mirror Dash Cam


[Figure 2] Hotrait confirm Email of the order.


[Figure 3] I received incorrect items 2 x Rear-view Mirror Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder.



[Figure 4] Hotrait request to return items to<removed>


[Figure 5] Paypal request return item to <removed>




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