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How are Africans to use Paypal?

Hi People,


So I googled how many African countries have paypal and the list surprised me. Since paypal is a medium for sending and receiving money but for some reason they have been unable to forge useful partnerships with African banks and other financial institutions! I am from Kenya and only recently did they partner with Safaricom and provide a system for moving funds across the two platforms.


Apart from some banks in South Africa, Are there any other African countries that have a close if not similar Arrangement? 


Are all these African countries just available to collect money from. Without giving them a chance to receive payments from overseas and build their businesses the same way you have empowered western businesses to export their services to Africa? Are there any plans to bridge these gaps? Knowing that Nigeria had been blocked from using Paypal up until 2015, I was so impressed when read this on Forbes "Goldfeld said PayPal is meeting the needs of Nigerians that purchase goods and services  on foreign platforms". So if business is so smooth in African markets, why on earth is Paypal not doing anything to adapt into a collection agent for African businesses too? Isn't it just the fair thing to do?


Who Me Too'd this topic