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the currency of this PayPal transaction must match the currency of the merchant account

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{"code":1,"res":{"errors":{},"params":{"transaction":{"type":"sale","amount":"6.000000","paymentMethodNonce":"5635e3f4-e1c4-0a73-8016-f6ea5e6d9ccb","options":{"submitForSettlement":"true"}}},"message":"The currency of this PayPal transaction must match the currency of the merchant account","transaction":{"id":"n5bwcmhb","status":"processor_declined","type":"sale","currencyIsoCode":"INR","amount":"6.00","merchantAccountId":"INR","subMerchantAccountId":null,"

Clients Side Code :

                  // Render the PayPal button

                      // Pass in the Braintree SDK
                      braintree: braintree,
                     // Pass in your Braintree authorization key
                     client: {
                        production: $('#Token').val(),
                      //    sandbox : $('#Token').val(),
                          //sandbox: '<?php echo $token ?>'

                      // Set your environment

                      env: 'production', // sandbox | production
                    //  env: 'sandbox',
                      // Wait for the PayPal button to be clicked

                      payment: function(data, actions) {

                          // Make a call to create the payment

                          var data1=actions.braintree.create({
                              flow: 'checkout', // Required
                              amount: $('#paypal_total').val(), // Required
                              currency: 'USD', // Required

                  return data1;

                      // Wait for the payment to be authorized by the customer

                      onAuthorize: function(data, actions) {
                  return actions.payment.tokenize().then(function(data) {
                              console.log('Braintree nonce:', data);
                              console.log('Braintree nonce:', data.nonce);
                              $("#paypal-button-container").html("Please wait, do not close and refresh the window...");
                              var order_id = $('#order_id').val();

                  }, '#paypal-button-container');

Server Side Code :   Generate Token

$clientToken = $gateway->clientToken()->generate();
$res = array("code"=>1, "token"=>$clientToken);
echo json_encode($res);


$nonce = $_POST['nonce'];
$amount = $_POST['amount'];
$result = $gateway->transaction()->sale([
  'amount' => $amount,
  'paymentMethodNonce' => $nonce,
  'options' => [
    'submitForSettlement' => True



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