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Re: Create specific paypal button for 3 types of payment options

Thanks for your response GG. I really appreciate it.

Although I can use the original code you sent (and it works perfectly), I wanted to set up a better shopping cart checkout experience.  I'm linking a page where I set up my original button (which, even though I've tried everything I can think of, still does not take the discount off two items), and right below that, I set up the button you sent.  What I'd love to do is create the checkout experience for the first button, with of course the correct calculations of your button.  Is this possible?  

Just to be clear on the discounts - Original price is $19.99.  The sale price is $14.99.  If you buy 2 or more, the price is $12.99 each. My button, although nice experience for buyer, takes the first discount off - (19.99 becomes $14.99) but then continues to make the first item purchased $14.99 instead of 12.99 - so if you order 2, rather that $25.98 total, it's $27.98 total. That follows through on all the rest as well. It continues to charge 14.99 for the first and then 12.99 for all the rest. I need anything more than one to be charged at 12.99 each. So my client wants the experience of the first button.

Here is the link to both mine and your button.  Sorry for the long explanation.  TY

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