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Suing PayPal in small court



I have an issue with paypal where they banned my account permanently and i can not get my money till after 6 months. i have done nothing wrong to be banned and they say it is because the acceptable use policy. i have contacted them many times with no human response and keep getting automated response. 


 i will file a claim in small court and see how it goes because legally paypal can not hold peoples money for 6 months simply because they are not above the law and everyone should obey the law. without a judge ordering them to hold the money they have no right to hold it just because they are a big corporation and can do so. i will make this publicly and will notify many media outlets about the issue to teach those people a lesson on not **bleep** people with their practices just because they are a big corporation an think they are above the law. i hope many people will do the same so they can know that people have power and can file claims where a judge can hear them instead if emailing their computers.


BTW everyone can file a claim in small court even if they have in the agreement that you cannot do so. they will send you threats to scare you but remember that they are not the law and in this free country, you can have a judge hear you out.


what do you all think 

Who Me Too'd this topic