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Merchant Security Upgrade Testing (PP-LIVE-8238)

Testing to being April 12th 2018. Please see HERE for full schedule.


Please Use this thread for any questions related to the Security Upgrades coming June 2018 and the upcoming testing for these changes. 

For full details on these changes click HERE



  • Payflow APIs
  • Homepage
  • Online Checkout
  • Retail Checkout
  • Account
  • Payflow
Initial Notification:
To prepare for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) mandated security upgrade deadline of June 30, 2018, PayPal plans a series of tests to verify that our API endpoints meet the latest security standards.
If you have already upgraded your integration to the highest security protocols, you should not experience impacts from our testing.
However, if you have not upgraded your PayPal integrations to comply with these standards, service interruptions may occur during our testing windows.
It is strongly recommended that you perform the necessary upgrades immediately as we will be performing tests from March 12 to March 22, and early June 2018. Below is a quick summary of the testing schedule for the first round of tests:
  • March 12-14: TLS 1.2
  • March 14-15: GET response
  • March 19-21: HTTP 1.1
  • March 21-22: Instant Payment Notification (IPN) HTTPS
More information can be found on our Merchant Security Upgrade Testing Microsite.
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