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i received an unknown email from PayPal support

 I received this email with this content supposedly from PayPal Support:

Details of your order,

You are receiving this email as you have made payment through e-Gift cards on March 2018. Amount US$112.08 The summary is attached in PDF format in this email.

If you are, you can ignore this message

If not, you can cancel this transaction by following steps inside Attachment (PDF).

Thank you for choosing us.


Best Regards,


PayPaI lnc


There was a PDF attached to this. When pdf was opened it showed that I had made an order from GooglePlay,  If I wanted to CANCEL, hit the button in the document.  This took me to a website that looked very PayPal-like, but then started asking me for all kinds of personal info.  I was initially ok with confirming my name and address, but then I had to start confirming bank accounts and credit cards.


This seems out of wack.  Would anyone else agree that this is bogus?

Who Me Too'd this topic