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Fed up with the horrible customer service

I am utterly sick of how bad paypal's customer service has been over the past few years. I have been a paypal customer since 2001 and I have been continuously treated like dirt. Since the deployment of the redesigned paypal page, and I have had nothing but issues with "Sorry your last action could not be completed." errors. This has been going on for YEARS now. The last dispute I opened this month for a item not received has pushed me to my absolute limit. I cannot access the page to view the dispute, or edit anything. When contacting customer service about the issues, I get an automated response back that is completely unrelated to the question that I asked. After pushing for a response from customer service regarding the issues with me not being able to add information to my dispute because it is un-viewable on any platform or computer, I get a response back with instructions for a name change!!! After responding to that message that this isnt the information I asked for, I then get a response saying that I haven't faxed them the information yet!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????


I have had it, once my accounts are settled I plan on closing my account and taking my business elsewhere. Paypal has shown that they do not even remotely care about their customers. You would think given the amount of money they make with transaction fees that they would be able to provide some decent customer support.

Who Me Too'd this topic