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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Hi - I have another site that's started getting this generic error message, seemingly from nowhere without any changes to my site. I've read through all the other similarly-titled posts and none of those seem to have a solution that has worked for me.


The specific problem is this; if I add an item to my shopping cart, the first one goes in fine. If I then hit 'continue shopping' and add a second item (the same item again or a different one, it doesn't seem to matter) then I end up on the error page. However, if I wait for a while (10-15 minutes I guess, I haven't been able to time it accurately) then I can successfully add a second item to the cart. When I get the error, the page goes through the URL "" first for a few seconds before landing in "".


I've used Chrome's DevTools to check the form data from the button - it all looks to be OK, no stray currency symbols or extraneous spaces that I can see, and as I mentioned this is code that's been working fine for years before going down over the last weekend. 


My website is; if anyone is good enough to want to try it out, you'll need to select a shipping destination first on this page before the 'view cart' and 'add to cart' buttons are enabled :





Who Me Too'd this topic