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Paypal illegally holding money

Money paid by buyer's on ebay have been put on hold. I sold 4 items - all from an old computer, at once. 3 of those have been unduly put on hold. This has made it so I'm unable to complete the transaction and send out the items. Reading here it seems like it's a total crap-shoot if they'll even release the money after everything has been sent and positive feedback has received. I'm not a new seller and I've never really had any problems or complaints.


This seems like an illegal, and outright gross attempt to hustle members of this service. I am honestly surprised that paypal hasn't been sued to the ground with these shark tactics, and ebay moreso with their complete anti-competition.


What is the best thing to do here, as a seller? Contact the buyer and tell _them_ to speak to paypal, as they've locked their money away?


Attempt to cancel the order completely? As people have suggested here, the best thing to do to move forward is to move over to Amazon. If I cancel the order I assume that Paypal will have no choice but to refund the money back. They'll no longer be able to hide behind the idea they're protecting anyone.



Who Me Too'd this topic