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SandBox testing

1 - When trying to delete sandbox accounts I get the error:
"Something went wrong. One or more sandbox accunts could not be deleted. Try again."
I tried again, and again

2 - When trying to test subscription in Sandbox with CC payment, first I alwasy see the "Log in to complete your checkout" page.
When I click on "Pay using your credit or debit card", I always get the message
"The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again."

3 - Sometimes (totally unpredictable) I can navigate to the CC apyment site, but I always get an error, saying something like
I can not use this payment because either the email, or the CC is associated with a PP account.

4 - Finally I tryt to test on my loive site, but no matter which C of mine (or which email of mine) I try to use,
I get the same error.
(Of course the "Return to Merchant" buttom doesn't return me anywhere.

5 - After all that, when I am trying to use my (or my wife's) PP accunt for payment, I get the error that I can not pay myself.

This is a total mess.
All that used to work fine.
Paypal has alawys been too expensive, but at least it used to work.

Googleing for 2 days now, I only see hacks left and right (nothing from PayPal), but nothing helped me so far.
Any help would enable me not to have to switch other provider and wasting more days on a problem that should be easy to resolve.

Who Me Too'd this topic