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Donate button\link reject payment on last step due to regulations

Hello community,I've created the donate button\link for private fundraising campaign. And it looks work, the only thing if you try to go with full flow your donate rejects on last stage with "Sorry, this payment can't be completed due to regulations"...

birdmilk by Contributor
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I Need a Technical Advice with PayPal React / NodeJS Integration

Hi everyone! Currently, we're using PayPal with PHP integration (express checkout & billing agreement setup and credit card form with nvp API). We have manual purchase UI and automation which use future payments and reference transactions.Now we migr...

Reinit SDK Button

I'm using PayPal Smart button on my WordPress website as part of a form using the Contact Form 7 plugin. After the paypal payment is submitted a thank you message is shown and the user can submit the form. I need to be able to reinitialize the paypal...

upwithkids by New Community Member
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paypal price split message not generating

the code and iframe are rendering but no message is showing. is there anything I need to set up paypal end?I am using the below code to generate message <script src=

Subscription start date issue

Hi,I am currently developing website in react js with an option to subscribe to my website and have created subscription plans from sandbox merchant account:Everything is working fine but when any international customer suppose from japan tries to su...


Understanding Vaulting

I need help understanding how to implement the flow where a user logs into PayPal once and then wants to use PayPal from then on for this merchant without having to approve each purchase. Do I need to use the Braintree SDK to do this? Or can I use th...